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SEB bank headquarters
SEB bank headquarters
An architectural competition for adminstration building of SEB bank in Konstitucijos av., Vilnius. (2008) Horizontally oriented buildings, rising from the lower terrace of river Neris to the Konstitucijos avenue further developes the composition and architectural character of the surrounding area (National arts gallery, Radisson Blue hotel). Different office buildings are joined with a terrace, which connects river terrace with the Konstitucijos av. and serves as a public area not only for the people working here, but also for ones passing by. Buildings are equally attractive and can function separatelly as well as a complex. The dominant building of SEB bank headquarters floats over the terrace. It contrasts to the surroundings not by form and volume, but by a different approach to the surrounding, while keeping the height regulations of Konstitucijos av.
Jonas Treinys
Vladas Treinys
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